Chronic F.O.M.O

2 weeks left of classes *sobs*. No, actually though, ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT OF CLASSES! Now you may ask why I might be sobbing about this.  After all, time off from studies is a good thing. Heck, it’s a great thing! However, like many other students out there you may too have the “feeling”.  What is the “feeling”? I like to call it the “Feeling Of Missing Out” or more commonly known simply as FOMO. Many times in first semester, students feel as though they haven’t gotten involved enough whether that be hitting a few social gatherings, joining a couple of clubs or just attending some wicked dances and events. Well, never fear little first year, for SHAK is here!… (that’s me).

Here at Student Life many of us bloggers are down to our last one or two posts before the semester is over.  Therefore, I thought that now would be the best time to spread the word on some big upcoming activities. After all, we have literally next to nothing for time to advertise for events happening right when everyone gets back from winter holidays.

Seriously doe
Seriously doe

Everyone needs to know about the week long Winterfest and Winter Week of Welcome events coming up at the beginning of January. To kickstart the new year the college student councils and the University of Toronto Student’s Union (UTSU) host two great weeks filled with great eats, dancing, skating, etc. Winterfest is a joint event among college councils and hosts some of the best events of the year including a mass takeover of many hot spots on Bloor Street midweek. To get a feel of what WinterFest had to offer last year check out their facebook page here. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with some friends after the break as well as make some new ones.

Ned Stark knows what's up
Ned Stark knows what’s up

I know it seems crazy to think about it but in all honesty reading week sneaks up on everyone too. It’s only 6 weeks after classes resume and generally each college hosts a reading week getaway. There will be tons of cheap trip packages to get on board for. So make sure to save a couple of bucks for that too.

February and March is also full on formal season and no one wants to miss an opportunity to dress up and attend a themed night of awesomeness.. but I’ll save more info on formals for later next semester, that topic no doubts need a full post dedicated to it.

Well there you have it, just a quick short schedule of the things to come. So remember everybody, if you currently have/had FOMO there is nothing to worry about, the best is still very much so yet to come.


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