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I’m terrified of roller coasters. Anyone who knows this about me have all given me the exact same (unsolicited) advice: “Once you ride a coaster for the first time, you’ll wonder what you were so afraid of in the first place!” This past summer, after incessant ridicule from my friends and family, I decided to get on a roller coaster at Canada’s Wonderland. I cried as an employee fastened my seatbelt (shout out to the kid sitting in front of me for her comforting words: “Don’t cry! I’m 10 and this stuff doesn’t scare me!”), and hyperventilated as the roller coaster moved at a painstakingly slow pace up the ramp. Three minutes later, the ride was over and I was unfastening my seatbelt and placing my feet on sweet, solid ground.
This kid was more composed than I was. Source:
As I wiped away my tears and re-adjusted my hijab, I croaked out my verdict to my waiting family, friends, and newfound 10-year-old comrade (minus the expletives): “That was the most frightening thing I’ve ever done in my life.” After conquering what I perceived my whole life to be one of my greatest fears, I have this weird desire to try everything that seems scary or intimidating to me. I’m probably not going to be joining the extreme sports club anytime soon, but I’m on the hunt for opportunities at U of T for me that will keep me alert and on my toes. Here are a couple of things that I hope to try. I'm pretty unadventurous - to some, these might seem laughable - but if you're anything like me and spend your days in bed with a book and a cup of hot tea, why not come out from under the covers and try these with me?
My brain telling my body to get up and do something interesting. Source:
Hart House Drop In Fitness: Yes, this is scary for me. Go ahead, laugh. I am literally the most physically unfit person that I know. The idea of voluntarily being physically active in front of other people shakes me to the core. Public Speaking Club/Hart House Debating Club: I know I'm not the only one with an irrational fear of public speaking, but this weakness of mine bothers me more than any other. I don't like speaking in front of groups, and I am very intimidated by the people around me when I have a strong opinion that I'd like to share. Are there any fears that you hope to overcome? Any challenges that you all have for me? I might not be fearless, but I'm willing to push myself.

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