All Night Long

As a result of all the midterms and assignments that have been piled on my plate in the last week, I can now say that I have successfully pulled off my first all-nighter of the year.

I know I’ve been told more times than I can count that it’s unhealthy to do all-nighters and I don’t disagree.  Far from it.  I know the havoc that staying up all night to study or write an essay can do to you, both physically and mentally – I just experienced it.  But, when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I can’t help myself; I fall into this cycle of procrastination – leaving everything until the very last minute and then having no choice but to pull an all-nighter to get it all completed.

And the effects of putting my body through all that stress really started showing up when I went to class the morning after: my hands were jittery, I could barely type, and the professor’s voice started to sound much like the teacher’s voice from Charlie Brown.

Even worse, I crashed the moment I got home and woke up in the wee hours of the morning and wasn’t able to get back to sleep.  Now, a few days later, I’m still trying to get my internal clock back to normal so I’m not wide-awake at 3 a.m.  and then sleeping ‘til noon.

To be completely honest, I will probably pull another all-nighter sometime this year, but this most recent experience has certainly given me food for thought.  I asked myself, do I really want to put my body and mind through this ordeal again, if I can avoid it?  The answer is a solid no.

So, to minimize the chance of a repeat, I’m going to take a look at some resources on campus to help me with my habit of procrastinating.   I checked out the Academic Success Centre (ASC) for some workshops and there are some that I’m definitely interested in going to.  Obviously, the workshops on procrastination and essay writing can be helpful.  I’m also intrigued by the session on time management and setting goals.  The bottom line is that procrastination is an added and an unnecessary stress that I want to avoid, if at all possible, for the rest of the year!

To my fellow procrastinators out there, who are also looking to kick the habit, are there any tips or tricks that have worked for you in getting things done so as to avoid those dreaded all-nighters?

– Vivian

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