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It’s hard to believe the end is here! I can distinctly remember hanging at camp and applying for this job, preparing a fancy little sample post filled with tricks for how to “bench press” and an application detailing why a PHE kid with a personal training, camping, socializing, soon-to-be-nursing background should be part of lifeatuoft! Upon reflection (something that nursing has hammered into me this year), I thought it might be neat to see what I’ve gained from this prestigious position and maybe what I’ve left behind? Sticking with my blogging style (which has been likened to Gossip Girl-style?!),  I will include a list and cat memes that I can laugh at a bigillion times. Here we go: Lesson 1. Drop-in classes are actually a good workout. Alas, as with all things exercise- related, the benefits you gain are directly proportional to the effort you put in. You can dog a Frosh Fit class by just casually cycling through each station, or you can find a partner who will really push you to sweat more and hit exhaustion sooner.  I’ll let you figure out which one reaps results. Lesson 2. Exercising with others helps with adherence to the game plan. Having a buddy to work-out with or joining a club or team really makes you stick with it. Joining the triathlon club turned out to be my smartest goal yet! Working-out with a group of people has really made me step up my triathlon game, not only to impress my lovely teammates but to prove to myself that I can compete…even if it is against myself because triathlon’s a pretty individualized sport. Nbd!!
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Lesson 3. There are some sweet places to get great deals on sport swag in Toronto. SVP Sports on Queen W has unbeatable deals not to mention getting an extra 15% off gear at the Varsity Sport Store when you’re registered for classes at the Athletic Centre. Lesson 4. The more exercise you do the easier it is to stick with it and even do more. More exercise makes you feel good and exercise more. This trend has enabled me to: move closer to that ever elusive six pack; make friends with athletically-inclined people; decrease my screen time in a screen time-dominated world; increase my academic efficiency to accommodate more exercise time; sleep better; eat more; feel happier; be healthier. Geez, I literally could go on for days. What happens when you Google “benefits of exercise” – it improves your mood, stamina and sex life! I hazard a guess you’d be interested in at least one of my aforementioned bennies!
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Lesson 5. Writing for Upbeat makes you a creep. I have become an exercise creep. This is similar to your classic Facebook creep, but specializes in creeping on people who are working- out or doing some funky moves. This job has made me ever watchful for my next lifeatuoft topic on how to move around at U of T. Not only am I creeping though, I suppose I’m 'researching,' finding  new running routes, different techniques and contagious energy from my compatriots. Lesson 6. Be grateful for what you’ve got. This year has really driven home how fortunate I am. The contrast of working with sick people and writing about being healthy has provided me with a pretty unique perspective. It has made me super grateful to have the option to exercise. Not only for the extra calorie consumption opportunities has it presented, in the form of chocolate and mini loaves and all things cheese – but in the whole choice of the matter. With a PHE background I know the benefits are enormous when you break a sweat for at least 30min, 3-5x/week, so I feel very fortunate to have that option.
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If nothing else, I have gained huge health benefits from writing with lifeatuoft - I can’t thank you readers enough for forcing me to try new things, get energetic and share active secrets! Hope you've had a blast with us this year, best of luck with exams!!! P.s. if you're looking for some exam support (or free snacks!) try out the Exam Jam at Sid Smith on the 9th and 10th of April! That's all she wrote folks, until we meet again! XOXO Laura (aka Lime Cat)
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