3 weeks, 2 kids, one essay, 27 gifts, 1 new years eve babysitter to find…priceless

'Tis the season, if you're a parent like me, to deal with what can only be called holiday spazziness! My kids are already wound up about the upcoming school break, and the holidays. My classes are done, and my exams will soon be finished. So what will I be doing with nearly a month off school, you might ask? Well first off I will be cramming what should be for a normal mother, a few months’ worth of casual shopping into one week of mall madness. I will be entertaining my aforementioned wired children, and I will be writing an essay. Did I mention that I'm having a spa day? My children are finished school a few days before Christmas and then we will be off to visit family and the like, rounding out December with what will hopefully be a fun and exciting New Year’s Eve...if I can find a babysitter for the big night. (To all of you out there without kids: if you ever do have children, you will realize that it would be easier to find Atlantis than a sitter on New Year’s Eve!) The whole of December will be insanely busy, but what about the days between January 1 and the start of school? This is the coming down period. The kids are mildly depressed that the holidays are over and school will soon be starting. I, who will be stuffed like a turkey, will be attempting to find new storage spots to cram in toys that my kids were given. For me, I would be happy just staying in my PJs for this time period. However, I think my kids will have some different ideas. So on that note, here are some thoughts on what you can do with your kids in the post-holiday daze, that won't hurt you too much and will still bring a modicum of thrill to your little ones. 1. Woodbine Fantasy Fair: Although a mall is the last place I would ever want to be after the madness of Christmas shopping, the fantasy fair provides a warm, dry indoor day of fun. There's rides and cotton candy and most importantly benches for you to sit and watch your kids get thrown spun around in giant teacups. A fun and easy day out, if you have a means of transportation to get yourself up to Rexdale. 2. Tobogganing: See one of my previous posts about tobogganing in the city for the info on some good hills to take your little ones sliding down. Obviously this activity will be a little more strenuous than, the previous sitting on a bench option, but it you want to burn off some turkey, climbing up a hill one hundred times in sixty minute might just be the ticket! 3.ROM: I know the Royal Ontario Museum is expensive, but they've recently cut their prices, and if you have a family membership, it can be a really great indoor activity for the winter, plus Fridays are free from 4:30pm to 9:30pm! My kids have gone to the dinosaur exhibit more times than I can count and they still love it! 4. Rainforest Cafe: I personally find this place creepy and disorienting, but my kids can't get enough of it. You can get to the cafe at Yorkdale Mall by TTC and you don't even have to walk outside. If you're planning on taking your kids out for lunch and you don't mind spending a few dollars more, this is a great way to kill a few mid-day hours. These are some of the things; I will probably be doing with my kids over the winter break. To all the student parents out there, I'd love to hear what fun things you have planned. I'm always on the lookout for cheap and exciting kids’ activities! Happy Holidays! See you in January, Lori

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