Why Having a Pet will Help You Get Better Marks!

Do your homework! I'm hungry.

Everyday I come home from school and there isn’t a plate of warm chocolate cookies waiting for me, but, instead, a giant ball of fur. No, it’s not Furby, it’s my wonderful, sweet (and evil) cat Beau.  Beau, original name Beauford, age, unknown, breed, probably a mix, weight, well, that’s private.  I rescued him from the Toronto Humane Society a few  years ago, and I’ve adopted him as much as he has me.  You see, having Beau has made me a happier, and calmer, person. Even more, he’s helped me perform better at school.

A cat, helping you do better at school?  Ba Ha, what is this nonsense?  Before you stammer away, let me explain.  Beau is pure contentment; he helps me feel relaxed, puts me at ease, and takes my mind off the more difficult things in life.  By helping me feel more relaxed, I can focus on schoolwork, and in turn, perform better.  But, Beau doesn’t just help me feel more at ease; he actually helps me feel more comfortable while I do work! In addition, we all need that boost of confidence to do better.  Having another presence around that doesn’t judge me allows me to feel better about myself and in turn more confident about doing well in school.

Ahhh . . .

The truth is, having a non-two legged being is a very stabilizing factor: Beau helps me feel balanced and get my work done. Many a time I have pulled the ghastly all nighter, and every time, he has pulled them too (but with the occasional nap on the couch). Having a pet with you makes you feel less alone, and more at ease so you can complete work, so I can summon the drive to finish that essay instead of trotting off to sleep only to awaken to another day of procrastination. Or, when I’m freaking out over an essay, he watches, and doesn’t judge or say a word, he just listens.  Yes, my dear cat is the best listener and comforter there is, and I challenge you to find a better one, on two legs or four! When it comes down to it, we all need somebody (or some creature) to express ourselves to, and by doing this, we become more relaxed. Even the sound of him purring is relaxing, like in this video.

"You forgot to add a period"

Another truth: having pets is expensive.  Between food, insurance and the occasional haircut, it’s a lot (but worth every penny).  So, if you have an extremely tight budget, it’s still possible to have a pet –just perhaps not a real one.  It may sound strange, but even having pictures of animals, whether it’s cats, dogs or beavers! can help make you more relaxed. Or, another suggestion is to watch those short n’ sweet videos of animals online.  Try it in between writing an essay or reading a long book –just don’t get addicted!

I hope I have inspired you to consider adopting an animal; but be wary, as some pets require more attention that others. My advice is to choose one that fits with your lifestyle.  After all, it’s true when they say having a pet changes your life!


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  1. This post made me really miss my Cat, Tigger (yes like in Winnie the Pooh:).

    I had her for 12 years before she died a few years ago, and I can totally relate to that sense of calm that Beau gives you.

    There’s something about a cat that makes me feel really at ease. Apparently my sister (she’s 6) just got her first cat and is in love with him. Now I can’t wait to meet him when I get home.

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