Aaahhh… the Holidays :-)

Midterms and finals for half courses will be upon us very soon. The pace has picked up on campus, and I can definitely feel it in the air. Robarts is packed once again, as is almost every one of my not-so-secret anti-Robarts study spots. Luckily, all of our hard work will be rewarded shortly thereafter - the holidays are fast approaching! Yyyaaayy!

What are your plans for the upcoming holidays? Aside from catching up on readings for next semester *shifty side eye*??? Will you be here in Toronto? Are you going away to visit family and friends? For some, the season is of religious significance; for some, it’s a time to spend with family or friends that they hardly get to see otherwise; and for some, it’s a much-needed break from the frenetic pace of the life of a university student.

If you're on campus, there are some events that you can check out to get into the holiday spirit. For example, the Varsity Arena is hosting a Skate and Create event on November 25th from 9 - 11pm.  Skating, button-making, and free hot chocolate and Timbits? And free skate rentals? Get into it!!! Also, Hart House is hosting a Winter Buffet from December 15th to 17th in the Great Hall. Tickets are $33.00, and can be reserved at or by calling 416-978-8849.  It features live jazz - which is always a win-win situation, if you ask me.

So many of us originally come from other countries or were born here but have ties to other countries. I fall into the latter category. At any rate, the season means that many of us will be going away to visit friends and family. I’m excited because this year I get to step out of the cold for a moment and into my family’s home in Trinidad; it’s not something that can feasibly occur every year, so it’s not something that I take for granted.

For those who are headed “home” for the holidays, packing that suitcase presents a bit of a challenge. You want to pack enough clothes to take you through your trip, but you also know that you need to leave space for the gifts that you’re going to give, as well as space for the care package that your folks are inevitably weigh you down with upon your return. Mine is sure to contain frozen homemade bread, and homemade pepper sauce (??? Yes, you read right).

Whatever your plans are for the holidays, I hope that you get plenty of rest, get through your readings (ahem), and basically enjoy your time off to the fullest!

It's not to early to get into the spirit of the season! On that note, I present Ella Fitzgerald with the Song of the Week. Enjoy...


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