Coming Out of Hibernation: A New Year

Welcome out of hibernation, fellow students! I hope you profoundly enjoyed your Winter Break, and are now able to surface from your cave (that which you call a bed), and stretch your limbs outside to feel the sun rays of academia shining on your face. As the warming whispers from the just-out-of-reach spring start to blow in, we here at UpbeaT are excited to bring you into a new semester. I like to think that there is a reason second semester starts in a new year. Unlike in high school, where the first semester ends in January (as opposed to ending in December), at university the second semester rings in a new beginning. It represents the clean slate, a chance to start fresh - the new year brings in feelings of renewal, reassessment and revitalization. What can a U of T student anticipate for the new year? Here is a brief spotlight on what is to come:

Summer Job Fair

You haven't thought about a summer job yet, have you? I mean, we are just coming out of the belly of winter - when did summer jobs waltz in? Let me tell it to you like it is: Many students need money, just like you. As a result, many students need summer jobs, just like you. Guess what? There are fewer jobs available this year than last year- in fact, people who have been employed for years at one company are having trouble keeping their jobs! It is time to get the ball rolling and step up. The Summer Job Fair is taking place January 20th at the Career Centre (Koffler), from 11AM-2PM. Representatives from the government, tourism, recreation, business and social service industries will be recruiting, so make sure you take your resumes! Please check out the Career Centre website for more details, and other upcoming related events. Welcome To The Career Centre

Governing Council Nominations

The Governing Council is the senior governing body at the University of Toronto, which oversees academics, business affairs and student life. The Council consists of 50 peoples, including students, staff, faculty members and community members such as alumni. Perhaps you are interested in getting involved and making a difference. There are 8 student seats available, and you have the opportunity to submit your nomination by Friday January 22nd, 2010 (by 5:00pm).

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Nominations are encouraged from a wide variety of individuals. To find out more about the Governing Council, please see their website. If you'd like specific information about the election process, this link is for you! -

New Student Life Website

Go To ULife2 Whether you are a prospective student thinking of applying to U of T, a current student who is looking for life outside the classroom, or a senior student whose graduation is approaching in four months and you need to keep up-to-date, the new Student Life website is the place for you. Check out the new web gateway by Student Life Programs and Services, which is designed with a student-focused perspective at

Winter Carnival at Hart House Farm

If I could give you musical entertainment, a sauna, skating*, winter baseball or volleyball and cross-country skiing** in one day, how much would you pay? On January 23rd, from 10:30AM-7:30PM, you can enjoy a wonderful day - the Winter Carnival - at the Hart House Farm with all the activities above*, as well as lunch and supper! • Advance Ticket Sale (prior to Wednesday, January 20): Cost per person $30.00 with bus; $25.00 without. • Tickets after Wednesday, January 20: Cost per person $37.00 with bus; $32.00 without. Tickets available at the HUB beginning January 5, 2010.-

U of T Drama Festival

All the world's a stage! Get your drama on by checking out the Drama Festival coming up in February! The festival runs Thursday Feb 25 - Saturday Feb 27, and all shows begin at 7:30pm. Check out exciting plays all around campus for a ticket price of $10. Below is the schedule of one-act plays: Thursday, February 25th: Dead-End - Victoria College Dramatic Society Tangent on a Tangent - Trinity College Dramatic Society Civilization and its Dissed Contents - St. Michael's College Friday, February 26th: Forgive Us Our Trespasses - U of T Mississauga Campus Candelabra - St. Michael's College Faith - U of T Mississauga Campus Saturday, February 27th: Life Boat - New College Dramatic Society A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Electric Chair - St. Michael's College You can purchase your tickets to the U of T Drama Festival through UofTTix. The events above are only a few of the hundreds available for this semester alone! I selected events that I thought were of interest but you can view the whole list at the U of T Events Calendar! The best part of the new year is that you can reinvent a little part of yourself. Sometimes, joining a club can be a big commitment, and it's a bit hard to get involved half-way through the school year. Attending events such as ones above allow you to experience life outside of academia, and get involved with what interests you, as well as discovering new interests! Cheers, Fariya * if weather permits for skating ** please bring your own skiis

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  1. Ooh, cool virtual tour. I want to go there and see this place! Like the Koffler Research Centre, another super interesting part of the university way off campus. I think working at such a place would be my ultimate dream job: out of the city, in the school.

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