Recipe for Course Enrolment

On Monday morning, I woke up at exactly 7:18am to enroll in my courses on ROSI at 7:20.

I an happy (gleeful even) to report that I got into all the classes I wanted, unlike last year, when I was in Kenya. I bus’d (or as it was called, matatu’d) to Kakamega, the nearest city with “reliable” internet access and was unable to enroll in two of my required courses because the internet was down for the entire city. Needless to say, I am very glad that I have my high-speed internet with me this year, because if I miss out on those two courses again, well, hello sixth year!

Today I wanted to share with you what I’ve learned to landing a spot in one of those tiny classes. Now, ROSI has an “interactive demo” to show how to enroll in a course, but it doesn’t teach you how to be quick.

Cynthia’s Seeeeekrit Recipe for Successful Enrolment of Desired Courses on Rosi:


  • 1     course enrolment date
  • 1     computer with reliable internet access, high speed preferred
  • 1     list (*make first, see preparation below)
  • 1     ability to count down from 60

Preparation (note: c’est très, très, important):

  • If you’re second year and above, make sure your POSt is correct – you have a maximum of 3.0 FCE (so, only three distinctive programs you can be in at the same time), and only in the combination of specialist, major-major, or major-minor-minor, (though I know specialist-minor works, but minor-minor-minor doesn’t). You are actually cyberly barred from registering on ROSI if your POSt is incorrect.
  • Check priority listings. Will you have priority to register for the course? Because if you don’t, no matter how quick you are, you won’t be able to enroll.
  • Now, since course enrolment is usually in the morning, write down all the courses you want to enroll in in the ABC123H1 F format.
  • Note on making the list: List your courses in the order of hardest to get into to least hard. We’re making this as brainless and automatic as possible, so having your list in order will save you another few miliseconds during the sign-up.
  • Got your list? Now we can move on.


  1. Set your alarm to wake you up a few minutes before your enrolment time. You don’t want to wake too early, because you’ll just get antsy when ROSI tells you it’s not time yet. But how few is “few minutes” will be left to your discretion.
  2. Have your list at hand.
  3. Close down all unnecessary programs on your computer, and yes, this means any MSN convos or iTunes. You don’t want any arbitrary software not responding to hang your computer during the crucial moment.
  4. One minute before the enrolment time, log in to ROSI. It won’t let you, but you’ll see what time the ROSI clock is at.
  5. Start counting down! (feel free to try to log in again during this time to check your countdown speed)
  6. When you reach “2”, start typing your login and password so that exactly at “0”, you’ll be pressing enter and be one of the first in line to the system.
  7. Now get your cursor to course enrolment and use your list to start typing!

And there you have it! My recipe for successful enrolment into even the smallest classes at U of T. Go on, seize the second!