I iz in Montreal

You are sitting in on a comfy hotel couch in a classy classy city. - ACTIONS: >>> pee. you had too much tea at your uncle's house. - >>> rather, get up and pee. don't pee on the couch. - >>> thank the internetz godz you found a wireless connection thingy, as the hotel's does not work and the counter guy downstairs won't admit it - >>> pick political science essay topic for essay due the tuesday back. - >>> write blog post, in adventure game style because you've watched almost all of a run-through of Snatcher (Sega CD) on Youtube.* - >>> over simplify current GMD game idea, as to be able to finish it in a night - >>> screw working, sleep peacefully and dream about raising your beautiful children (if you so choose to have them) in this classy classy, bilingual city - >>> continue being happier than you were last week - >>> all INVENTORY:
  • light suitcase you are proud of, because you didn't overpack
  • backpack that makes you nervous, because you have too many things with wires in it
  • 'Stargirl' and 'Mrs. Dalloway' from the indigo in the underground shopping promenade of brilliance. they are not in french.
  • precious laptop
  • precious DS and Phoenix Wright
  • bottle of unsweetened japanese green tea, nostalgic of your trip to Japan
  • did i mention a precious laptop
  • stomach full of gyoza, your auntie's peanut soup/yam/rice dinner, tea, vanilla bean cupcake of destroyed beauty as it was upside down in the box
  • You're in a hotel room. This is pretty sweet. You assumed you'd be staying at your relatives' house, which would have been nice too, but they surprised you with a hotel room, so you can sleep in and do whatevs in the morning. Add 'Best Relatives in the World' to inventory. They also happen to live down the street.
  • Your sister has given up on the internet and is asleep. On the whole bed. You will take the couch. The wireless icon has a red X over it. You are about to give up on the internet.
  • There is a small coffee maker on the table, reminding you of the Tokyo hotel's large kettle and basket of tea bags and whisky.
INVESTIGATE (not really):
  • You try desperately to get the internet again. You need to check Facebook, to see if your high school compadre at McGill got your message. If the cursed internetz godz allow, you might just be able to see her tomorrow... You also forgot to get her a gift.
USE ITEM: >>> wireless refresh button >>> push USE ITEM: >>> wireless refresh button >>> push
  • Still try desperately for the internet. You want to put in the title of your blog post, to alleviate the shame of not being done.
USE ITEM: >>> wireless refresh button >>> push USE ITEM: >>> wireless refresh button >>> push
  • Continue with desperation. Feel pain in arm. Think about Toronto. Think about Kingston. You passed through Kingston on the way to Montreal, and counted your blessings. The vast nothingness dotted with barren trees and construction debris... How did Childhood Friend Codename T survive out here? You have begun of late to see Toronto as a big, ugly, dangerous pile of angry commuters, expensive shopping, too long walks and children who stab and shoot each other, but it isn't that bad. Yet. You are quite satisfied to go to a gorgeous, 175+ year old school surrounded by living things, and, not to mention, be able to go home and see your Mom every day when class is done.
USE ITEM: >>> wireless refresh button >>> push
  • Aw man. Continue thinking. Is Toronto a world class city? You think about Dundas Square; the flashy billboards, electronic signs, the every-way intersection. You saw it from a high floor, in a restaurant. Kind of like a miniature version of Times Square, which is hideous. Also like a pitiful, 'puny mortal' version of Tokyo; "Do you foolish humans think you could live up to ME, the mighty TOKYO?! BEHOLD my UNIMAGINABLY ENORMOUS ARRAY OF INSANELY, MINDBOGGLINGLY COLOURFUL, NOT-ONE-IS-MADE-OF-PAPER LED/LCD/OLED/LAPD/LIGHT-UP THING BILLBOARDS, and CONCERT SIZED EVERY-WAY SHIBUYA(?) CROSSWALK, AND" epic monologue continues. I can't say "Why put all the emphasis on Toronto?" when the rest of Canada hates us and the prime minister does not know we exist, but... I kinda like Montreal better.
  • It is now 2:05 am. After sleeping at around 4 am last night, and a six hour bus ride, yes, the reader would also compare one of their favourite cities to an immortal beast-god of adjectives.
  • disconnected
USE ITEM: >>> wireless refresh button >>> push USE ITEM: >>> wireless refresh button >>> push USE ITEM: >>> wireless refresh button >>> push USE ITEM: >>> wireless refresh button >>> push USE ITEM: >>> wireless refresh button >>> push USE ITEM: >>> wireless refresh button >>> push USE ITEM: >>> eyelids >>> close - - - - -d *WATCH IT.