Secret Services – Part III

And, a continuation from last post, which is a continuation from the post before


U of T has a lot of students who may not know their way around to the entertainment areas in the city. While I can’t tell you everything (as there is so much – theatres, museums, clubs and more) I can tell you how to find out.


The Nona MacDonald Visitor Centre (southeast corner of Knox College, along King College Circle) provides free, guided walking tours of our beautiful campus.


You can also check out the Royal Ontario Museum (I heard they have a diamond display) at Bloor and Avenue, which has, inside, a tourist information booth.


The Eaton Centre has an Ontario Tourism store that has information on upcoming events in the city, sights and locations to check out and explore.




The Eaton Centre deserves its own little blurb. Its spans a block, and is easily accessible by TTC subway, this giant mall should cover all your shopping needs, with trendy clothing stores, a nearby movie cinema, and everything you could possibly wish for. Its a great place to hang out with friends and even zip over for a 1-hour shopping spree. Bring your wallet!!


Yorkdale Mall is a beautiful mall that about a 20-minute subway ride from St.George Station. Everything is a little higher in price, but you can enjoy popular spaces to eat like the rainforest cafe, and go for a quick movie in between shopping.





At this point, you should know, I had almost finished typing everything else for this blog when the Internet disconnected and me, being an idiot and not saving everything, lost half my post.

Upon trying again, my computer crashed. I am now 24 minutes past the deadline and frantically racing to tell you all the places where you want to go, but you can't go anyways because you have exams to study for.


UGH! We’re all going CRAZY!


(Okay, focus, focus, deep breaths and type fast, really, really fast) ß That’s me thinking…evidently it’s a lot of repetition.




Wanna see a movie?


Check out (oops, it crashed again, self-induced a disk check, now putting me 38 minutes past deadline) the Varsity Cinemas at Manulife Centre, at Bay and Bloor.


Another great place to see movies is the Scotiabank Theatre – a $30 million dollar project, complete with floor-to-ceiling screens, and Imax, and a bar over looking the downtown area.


You can also check out the Bloor Cinema (on, guess where? Bloor Street! 506 Bloor Street W) for current movies.


Events this Week


If you want something a little different, the back page of The Varisty feature events upcoming.


Here is a sample:


Tuesday Dec 8th

Crime Writers of Canada Reading Series (featuring reading by Linwood Barclay, Giles Blunt and Louise Penny)

• 7:30pm @ Casa Loma (1 Austin Terrace)

• $12

• Click on


Wed Dec 9th

Community Kitchens - Comfort Food for Chilly Nights (learn how to create nutritious and delicious food)

• 5-8pm, sign-up at Hart House Front Desk

• $5 only!

• See


Saturday Dec 10th

401 Richmond Holiday Marketplace (browse unique crafts by Toronto artisians)

• through Sunday, 11am-5pm

• Free!





** Most of the info in these past three blogs have been taken from my handy-dandy Res book, the Varsity, and other campus newspapers. I am not responsible for the authenticity of the information….nor for the marks you get back after partying every night during exam week! 🙂



Good luck on exams, study hard, and check out these great places in your spare time.


Until Next Week!




p.s. if you see this blog posted, it means by computer stayed alive long enough for me to post it from Word to WordPress. Hallelujah! Made it 57 min after deadline! 

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  1. A movie theatre I really like is the Rainbow Market Square, down near the St. Lawrence Market. 7$ per movie! And they have those little, old-fashioned folding seats so you feel really cozy while you’re there.

  2. And there are free movies at the Innis College, which holds Cinema Studies program. Check out Innis College Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave. Red-brick building, just north from Robarts. Completely free!!! They provide popcorn (at least they did 2 years ago, before renovation), small $2, and big $5. Have fun!!!

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