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Thanks for dropping by! This page is where you can learn more about the bloggers and the behind the scenes crew at the Family Care Office.

Juan Pablo Aranda- Juan Pablo is a PhD student in Political Science. His research focuses in the relationship between Christianity and politics. He is also deeply interested in the problem of equality and the questions about justice that arise from it. Juan Pablo is married and has three kids.

Liron Cohen  Liron is in her third year of undergraduate studies in Chemistry, Forestry, and History and Philosophy of Science. In addition to being a student, Liron is also a mother to a two-year-old and loving wife.

Alicja Adamczyk – Alicja is in her second year of the Master of Information program, focusing on Library and Information Science. When she’s not reading, Alicja enjoys going for walks, baking, shopping, and spending time with family!

Gabriele Simmons – Gabriele is three years into her Women and Gender Studies undergraduate degree. When not obsessing over comma placement Gabriele can be found doing recreational modern dance, reading fiction, and energetically volunteering. You might know her from UofT’s Early Learning Centre, where she’s been a casual classroom support since September 2015.

Carla Murphy

Malinda Gray – Malinda is in her third year of undergraduate studies in Anthropology, French, and Political Science at the Mississauga Campus (UTM).  She is the mother of three children, who are all in elementary school.  When she finds excuses for avoiding homework (and housework) there is a chance you’ll find her on the UTM Nature Trail or at the ROM with her family. Her only previous professional writing experience has been writing obituaries (Yes, really!).

Louis Train – Louis is in his third year of undergraduate studies in Philosophy, English, and Writing & Rhetoric. In addition to blogging for the Family Care Office, he also works with and writes for Peace by PEACE, The Mike, and BlogUT. Louis enjoys seeing plays and movies, and reads more comic books than he should. He also leads ghost tours of Toronto.

Emma Helfand-Green – Emma is in her second year of the Master of Public Policy program. She recently completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph, studying psychology and political science. When she is not blogging for the Family Care Office, you might find Emma working hard (or hardly working) at the Robarts Library, or spending quality time with her cat, Goose.

Katherine Clemens – Katherine is in her first year of the Master of Social Work program and plans to specialize in children and families. When she takes a break from homework, Katherine enjoys the simple things in life: good coffee, nice weather, and spending time with family and friends (animals included!).



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