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Liron is in her third year of undergraduate studies in Chemistry, Forestry, and History and Philosophy of Science. In Addition to being a student, Liron is also a mother to a two-year-old and loving wife.

Travelling to India with an Infant

If you were paying attention to my last post you must know that I went on a trip to India during the winter vacation. Traveling to India was something I have wanted to do for a very long time, but … Continue reading

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How I Ended Up Taking My 2-Year-Old Daughter to Tutorial

Taking a 2-year-old to a tutorial sounds crazy, I know. But it really felt like I didn’t have a choice. This all began because I’ve been planning a family trip to India for the winter break, and travelling to India … Continue reading

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A New Way to Handle Chores Around the House – Divide Them!

As a student parent I know how hard it is to keep everything together; between studying and taking care of your spouse and children – you have no time left to do the things needed to keep your household clean … Continue reading

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