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I am a PhD student in Political Science. My research focuses in the relationship between Christianity and politics. I am also deeply interested in the problem of equality, and the questions about justice that arise from it. I am married, and have three kids.

Alzheimer and Care

When I heard that seven hundred and fifty-thousand Canadians are now living with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia and that the number will surpass one million over the next generation, I began to understand the importance of understanding this condition. Alzheimer’s … Continue reading

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On-Campus Child Care… and subsidies!

Being a student and having a family is a real challenge. It’s not just about domestic finances, although more often than not, money is a big deal for students; it’s also about balancing two very demanding roles in life. On … Continue reading

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Resource: The SickKids Hospital

One of the most challenging things about being a parent is dealing with sickness. Dealing with a child’s illness is not only heartbreaking, but also profoundly stressing. Even though we can actively promote our kids’ well-being by encouraging healthy habits, … Continue reading

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Mental Illness: understanding it and helping our loved ones.

In February, the Family Care Office organized a workshop at UTM devoted to providing participants with a better understanding of mental illness, and offering some strategies that family members can use to support loved ones who may be suffering. Mental … Continue reading

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Elementary School Registration in Peel Region

Calling all Peel Region residents! Here are a couple of things you may want to consider when deciding where you want your child to begin their education in the Peel region. First, remember that if your child will be 4 … Continue reading

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Peel Childcare & Subsidy 101

Calling all UTM student parents and staff members with children! Are you looking for childcare programs in your area? Need help paying for childcare? We’ve got you covered. This blog has got some of the important information you need to … Continue reading

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Visiting the Farm

Every fall, students and families of UTM are invited to visit Andrew’s Scenic Acres Pumpkin Patch. This trip is an exciting way to break with day-to-day routine and create a space to enjoy nature with friends and families. The farm has over 600 hundred … Continue reading

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The Role of the Parent in Kids’ Success in School

As parents, we are constantly wondering about the best ways to help our kids succeed in school. The first question that may pop into our heads is about the meaning of success: is it enough for them to have a … Continue reading

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Family & Conflict in Syria

Many of us have heard or read about the current challenges being faced by people of Syria The conflict, which has already reached the dimensions of a disaster, has a central place in the contemporary agenda. Today, religious leaders, non-governmental … Continue reading

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