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Get to Know the CBC Websites: for Parents and Kids!

Frequently featured in our blogs and social media posts, the CBC Parents website is an excellent resource for all things parenting. There are seven different sections to this website, which we will explore below. Since parenting kids of different ages require different resources, on the website you can also filter what you see based on the age of your child: 2-5, 6+ and ALL. If you are looking for a website that is safe for your kids to browse, the CBC Kids website is an excellent option. It is split into four different sections, and offers a wide variety of articles, quizzes, videos and even games.


A screenshot of the homepage of the CBC Parents website.

Source: CBC Parents

For Parents:


The Play section of the CBC Parents website is your hub for everything that involves “doing.” It is subdivided into the categories activities, crafts, printables and active play. This section is great for finding information and ideas about things to do with your family. Some of our favourite articles include Simple Mindfulness Activities Kids (And Parents!) Can Start Right Now and an Easy Morning Routine Printable.


This section offers parenting advice and anecdotes. This is a great place to read about the experiences of other parents’s challenges and triumphs. Here, you may learn about how another type of family lives their lives, or a parent’s reflection on an obstacle they faced. The headings for this section are learning, stories, tech & media, humour and family health. One particularly interesting article is from a parent who asks her children’s consent before she posts photos of them on social media.


The CBC Parents website even offers family friendly recipes, divided into the categories of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks & treats. Some especially delicious recipes include 10 Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas That Aren’t Cereal, Your New Favourite Chicken Finger Recipe and Heart Fruit Skewers.


This section is a great place to find some new shows for your kids to enjoy. The shows are filtered by their recommended age group. You can even find full episodes for certain shows available to stream online for free. Some of these shows include According to Kids, Bite Sized with Sarah Remmer and Jaxon and Song’s Maple Mystery. Other shows can be streamed using CBC Gem.


Like the rest of the sections on the CBC Parents website, the videos section offers stories and tips from other parents, except this time they are in video format. Some especially interesting videos include How to Squeeze in a Workout from Your Couch and How to Turn Your Chickpea Water Into a Delicious Whipped Cream. For more videos you can also check out the CBC Parents YouTube channel!


This section provides a list of family-friendly app recommendations, many of which are free. One example of a free game is SPYnet, where players can navigate through 24 levels of sneaky spy action. Other apps are more education based, such as Story Corner which offers a variety of interactive storybooks for your children to enjoy.


In this section, you can find information on CBC’s family events happening across Canada. For those in the City of Toronto, they offer a free tour of the CBC Kids Studio (registration is required).


This section offers parents the opportunity to share your stories, ask questions and participate in contests. You can even submit your child’s birthday for the chance to have it aired on CBC Kids!

For Kids:


Sections on this part of the website include quizzes, lists, jokes, activities and informative articles. These sections cover a wide variety of topics, such as animals, the human body, food, Indigenous stories, nature, how stuff works, history and the environment. Some interesting articles include:


This part of the website highlights various child-friendly videos, including episodes for some of their shows. As with the CBC Parents Shows and Videos sections, certain programs are only available through CBC Gem, but there are still plenty of shows that offer full episodes for free online, including Arthur, Addison, The Adventures of Napkin Man and The Art Show. You can also stream episodes of Studio K from the CBC Kids YouTube Channel.


Perhaps the most exciting feature for children, the CBC Kids website offers a wide variety of fun and kid-friendly games: use your mouse to cast spells and defeat ghosts in Spells Casting, or save your animals by jumping over obstacles in Zoo Run. They even have educational games, such as Monster Moniker Maker and Element Hero. You can also filter the games by type and difficulty level, and new ones are added frequently.


This final section offers kids the opportunity to interact with the CBC Kids programing by submitting their art , jokes and questions. Just be aware that by clicking on certain links in this section, you are directed away from the CBC Kids website, but there is a warning that pops up.

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