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Resources for LGBTQ+ Parenting

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If you are a member of the LGBTQ community, entering the threshold of, or continuing into parenthood, then you may want to explore some of the resources at UofT and in the surrounding area have to serve as support for LGBTQ parents and youth.


University of Toronto

A great first stop might be to the Parenting section of the Family Care Office website and the LGBTQ Parenting section of our library. Another online reading resource is the Gay Parent Magazine which may answer some questions for those considering becoming a parent.


UofT’s Sexual and Gender Diversity Office offers LGBTQ programming for the LGBTQ community. They provide an outstandingly positive space on campus, and can be accessed as needed for resources and support by the U of T community.


The LGBTQOUT group has been supporting queer students at UofT since the late 1960s and has a drop-in centre at 73 St. George Street. They run their own set of educational and casual drop-in programs for LGBTQ identified students.


If you have a school-age child, you may be interested in LGBTQ Families Speak Out at OISE. The project is dedicated to studying and speaking out about how children of LGBTQ families may be discriminated or bullied in Ontario schools, and how to change that.


Toronto District School Board (TDSB)

The TDSB’s Triangle Program, Canada’s Only LGBTQ High School, has a large selection of online resources for how to support LGBTQS+ Youth. The high school hosts LGBTQ2S+ youth with smaller classroom sizes and offers inclusive, safe spaces for youth to connect with the LGBTQ2+ community.



If you are a gay male parent, you might want to check out Gay Fathers Toronto, a great local resource for men who have already become parents and are coming to terms with their sexuality. It’s a terrific place to meet people who have experienced the same situation first-hand, and to find resources and connections in the community.


The Sherbourne Health Centre’s LGBTQ Health Section offers a listing of services covered under OHIP, counselling, medical assistance, information on local support groups and resources.


Queering Parenthood is a team of allied researchers focusing on the LGBTQ community.  Based in both Toronto and Boston, Queering Parenthood is committed to social justice, creating positive change, and forming supportive partnerships between health service providers and LGBTQ communities. They have resources for community connections, exploring LGBTQ parent relationships with children, and how to talk about gender and sexual identity with children.


The 519 is a City of Toronto agency, which provides space, services and leadership for the LGBTQ community. They offer arts, sports and recreation programs, family and child centred services, support groups, counselling, and more! For further information, we highly recommend visiting their Programs page.


Explore these links and websites, and you may discover more local and web-based resources for LGBTQ families!