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Hanging Onto Your Children’s Winter Clothes

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep your children’s winter clothes intact while they’re busy having fun outside or rushing back to the classroom after recess. In addition to the lost items, children quickly outgrow items year to year, which can leave parents struggling with an expensive bill for new clothing. Here are some tips and suggestions to avoid losing your children’s winter essentials and having to re-purchase them!


Small toddler with brown hat and blue snowsuit sitting on logs in the snow. Green trees are behind him1. Mittens and Gloves

  • Clip-ons to connect mittens onto winter jackets are available. They can be purchased in most stores selling children’s winter accessories and are straightforward to use – simply clip one end to the jacket and the other end to the mitten on both sleeves.
  • A Velcro roll can be cut to fit the circumference of the jacket sleeve cuff. One half is “unstuck” and is glued or sewn onto the outside of the jacket cuff edge, and the other half is glued or sewn on to the inside of the mittens. Once connected, this combination forms a more solid barrier against the cold and the snow, and increases the chances of keeping the mittens.
  • When done safely, string or elastic will keep mittens attached to a child’s jacket. It can be measured to fit your child’s arm span as shown in the video.
  • If these options are not working for you and losing mittens or gloves is a common occurrence, consider buying multiple pairs of the cheaper mittens and keep them in store in case of emergencies.


2. Infinity Scarves

  • Infinity scarves help prevent children from losing scarves easily, as they fit neatly around their neck, keeping them warm and snug. They avoid some common problems of traditional scarves, which can unwind easily and even trip a child playing in the snow.


3. Snow Pants

  • Consider buying snow pants with suspenders. Unlike the easy-on, easy-off snow pants, this style will take a longer time to navigate. In addition to protecting clothing and keeping the snow off your child, they are unlikely to slip off during outdoor activities.


4. Labels and Unique Identification

  • Use labels or mark your children’s clothing in some way to help you quickly identify it as theirs. You can write their names with a permanent marker on a sticker, sew on labels or use iron-on products as appropriate.  A black mitten will get lost in a pile of other black mittens, so some type of identification is needed.  Be discrete with your labels – keep them on the inside of clothing – in order to protect your child’s identity from strangers.


5. Colourful Clothes

  • Another way to identify your children’s clothing is to choose bright, colourful, eye catching items. You and your children will be able to pick your items out from the clothing pile that forms in school locker rooms, playgrounds, and snow hills.


Family of four outside in the winter, building a snowman.


6. Winter Hats

  • Hats are easy to lose, which is why I recommend wearing a hood attached to the coat. A strategy to keep track of a loose hat is to keep it either tucked in the hood of the jacket, or pushed inside the jacket sleeve. It is not a good idea to leave hats lying around on racks, where a nudge from another child could cause it to fall to the ground, or get it mixed up with other similar hats.


7. Keep it Organized

  • In order to save time in the morning rush, consider creating a system where scarves, mittens, and hats are placed in separate, clear areas. If you have the time, it can be helpful to purchase a clear box, and label separate drawers for each item. This ‘DIY’ Life Aspire blog has great examples of how plastic boxes can be used for organizing shoes, clothing and household items. This could easily be adapted for your children’s winter essentials, and you can use boxes you have around your home. You can encourage them to leave their loose winter clothing inside the boxes after they come home from school, so that these items can be accessed easily and you will know when something is missing right away.


If you have any tips for hanging onto children’s winter items, let us know in the comments below!