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Winter Time Activities with Your Family

Two girls in red jackets sitting on a sled in the snow.

As the days get shorter and the weather becomes colder, it’s important to keep everyone active!  We have a list of winter-time activities, both indoors and outdoors, which can help keep your family physically and mentally engaged:


1. Table Tennis

You can play table tennis with your family at home, or at free community centre drop-in locations. You will need to bring a table tennis paddle and ping pong balls. Before you start to play, make sure you and your children warm up your arms, wrists, and legs, as you’ll need to move around a lot to keep up with the ball!

We’ve also included a listing of Toronto and Mississauga community centres so you can choose which one to visit based on where you live:


2. Tobogganing

Try tobogganing with your family this winter, as you will have plenty of physical exercise climbing up the hill.  Children will be too busy having fun to miss their electronic devices.  It’s helpful to attach clip-ons to their winter jackets so they don’t lose their mittens going down the hills!

Best hills for Toronto (including Scarborough) and Mississauga.

Our top 3 hills for tobogganing with your family are:


3. Building a Snowman

I love building snowmen, even if I use that as an excuse to get my brother to come outside with me and throw snowballs at him. Make sure the snow is good for packing before you start your creation! Your children can decorate the snowman with buttons/coins, twigs, or any other items you can find from the natural world.

Our top 3 parks for building a snowman are:


4. Skating

While we’re waiting for winter to freeze the outdoor rinks, why not try an indoor drop-in skating location? You can bring your own skates or pay to rent them. You can even reward your kids after a day of exercise with some homemade hot chocolate.

Here are a few free skating locations to visit across the Toronto and Mississauga:


5. Winter Festivals and Events

There are many holiday-themed festivals in the winter, from the Aurora Winter Festival  to Evergreen’s Winter Village or Mississauga’s “Light Up the Square 2018”. You can enjoy amusement rides, free entertainment, food, and free skating venues with your family!


6. Building a Fort

Is there anything more exciting than the prospect of building and creating a structure your children can call their own?  You can help them build a snow fort or create one of your own and challenge them to a snowball fight.


7. Scavenger Hunts and Outdoor Exploration

If your children are feeling cold after all of the outside fun, they can also stay active by going on scavenger hunts inside Evergreen Brickworks. Or you can use a mobile app to explore new locations, and go Geocaching. Remember to stay safe and supervise your children when they’re exploring!


8. Charades/Family-Friendly Games

If the weather isn’t cooperating for outside activities, stay indoors and play a family game! Indoor games can keep everyone physically and/or mentally engaged, including older members of the family and those whose mobility is restricted.


Does your family have a favourite spot in your neighborhood for winter activities or a fun indoor game? Share your thoughts in the comments below!