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Family Care Office Summer Reading List

It can be overwhelming to walk into a library that has many options to choose from. As we’ve recently received a supply of new books, we’ve compiled a list of recommended new publications and classic reads from our library to refer to over the summer months. Can you read them all?

Image of cascading books from the Family Care Office Library on a table.


Infant Care

This book offers practical advice for new mothers who have questions about breastfeeding. It not only addresses common breastfeeding problems and recommends possible solutions, but also gives information on how new mothers can promote best practices from day one.


Conception and Pregnancy 

With over 19 million copies sold, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” has been a go-to read for expectant parents. The latest edition provides a comprehensive guide for new mothers. Complemented with pictures, the book offers advice on eating healthy, exercise, and child development before, during, and after pregnancy.


Ann Douglas’ book covers what it’s like to have a baby, and takes a realistic look at tough topics such as labour, coping with high-risk pregnancies, and illustrates how people can respond to infertility tests and treatments. Even if your partner is the one who’s expecting, this book will give you an understanding of how you can help them now and in the future.


LGBTQ Parenting 

This guide offers answers from legal birth certificate issues to nutrition tips for dads feeding infants. It also lists possible ways that parents can respond to their babies’ cries and to outside queries about their family. As well, it includes advice on how parents can approach sexuality and orientation topics with older children.


Natalie Meisner’s light-hearted, true story is about her journey to have a child with her wife. From having “dates” with potential donors to playing around with baby names, the two also pursue their shared visions for twenty-first century family life.


Dementia Book sitting on table.

Elder Care

This easy-to-read guide is split up into sections which include daily living, communication, managing behaviours, and safety. Each section shares relatable cases, and responds to them by offering resources and tips for caregivers. It’s a great read for anyone caring for a loved one with dementia.


Divorce and Bereavement 

The founder of has written a guide for creating co-parenting plans that can meet a child’s physical, and psychological needs. Dr. Garber offers advice on how to maintain a child’s emotional state, including validating the other parent instead of denigrating them, and how to remain firm, calm, and consistent in overwhelming situations.


Don’t worry if some of the titles above didn’t catch your eye, because we offer almost twenty sections to choose from, including books on  nutrition, teenagers, and fertility issues. As well, we even have picture books to get the whole family reading. If you’re interested in learning more about the books we offer, or if you want to borrow anything we’ve listed above, check out our LibGuide or drop by our office and say hello!