FCO Updates

New Family Care Office Blogger

Hi! It’s nice to meet you. My name is Vivian Li and I’ll be writing for the Family Care Office this summer in my role as Social Media/Blogger. I’m currently studying English and Philosophy at the University of Toronto. Outside of this work-study position, I also love to write for fun. Although I’ve written many speculative fiction stories, I’m currently transitioning to literary fiction and I’m hoping to start another collection of short stories before the end of this summer. I’m also very invested in music, and though I currently play the piano, the violin, and a little bit of the guitar, I’d love to learn how to play the guqin, the oboe, the trumpet, and the drums. As well, in my free time, I like to play around with harmonies and compose songs. I’d also love to learn how to dance, and am currently taking classes at Hart House. I enjoy playing chess games with my brother (which we never happen to finish) and learning about how objects or systems work.

I look forward to writing and learning with you!