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Spring: A Time of Transition

Students sitting outside on campus

Spring has always been an exciting and incredibly busy time for me.  In addition to the changing weather outside, I consider spring a time of  personal transition – especially this year.  I am a graduating fifth year student, so this spring feels so much busier than the past four years I’ve experienced at U of T. Between juggling several jobs, classes, family responsibilities, and trying to take care of myself – I am looking forward to planning my next steps post graduation.


If you are leaving school, like me, you’re likely trying to navigate what’s next?  In addition to job hunting, I consider one of my next important steps is to find, maintain, and build a community for myself outside of the university.  A big support system for me are my peers, friends, and family. In the few weeks following the end of the semester, I hope to find ways to balance my schedule and spend more quality time with my family and friends. Finding, contributing to, and maintaining a community for myself during this period of transition will help me in feeling supported and allow me to support others in a similar situation.


Whether you are a graduating student or returning to University of Toronto next year – I wish you all the best in finishing the semester and planning for the summer and beyond.


Do you have any tips or tricks that you use to help yourself in times of big change and transition? Do you do anything special to celebrate spring? Let me know in the comments below!


Chelsea Ryan, UTM Outreach and Communications Coordinator is studying Art & Art History and Visual Culture, and has a passion for a fine art, education, communications and public outreach.