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Book Review: How to Find the Child Care Your Child Will Love by Georgina Walsh


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How to Find the Child Care Your Child Will Love: Manage it Properly and Make it Work For You by Georgina Walsh is a great book to peruse if you are researching your child care options. It is a good resource whether you have one child, multiple children or are just thinking of having children and want to know what your choices are.

Near the beginning of the book, a questionnaire is provided to help you develop your style of parenting. This is quite useful because as you delve further into the book, each type of child care is broken down into the pros and cons,  It  covers a variety of different types of child care including day nursery, crèche, nursery school, pre-school, child-minder and out of school care, friend or relative, nanny, maternity nurse, au pair, mother’s helper.

Additionally, there is a personal touch added to the book as it is interspersed with quotes from parents throughout based on each topic.

It is also takes into account emotions parents often feel when putting their child into child care as well as concerns they may have such as child safety. Furthermore, it discusses the changing needs that your child may have as they get older, as well as the circumstances surrounding selecting child care when your child has special needs.

The book also discusses what to do once you’ve selected your preferred type of child care.  It includes,  how to write a job description to hire a child care provider, how to determine if you’ve picked a good babysitter (word of mouth, interviews, screening process; references; contacts) and what to expect when your child begins child care.

Near the end of the book, charts and information are provided regarding how to choose child care based on your needs including topics such as when you need childcare, for whom- what are the needs of your children, what is your budget etc. It also provides a list at the end of the book where you can write your final criteria as well as a list for your child care choices.

How to Find Child Care Your Child Will Love: Manage it Properly and Make it Work For You is available to be borrowed from the Family Care Office Library on a two week renewable loan.

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Written by Melanie KM.