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DIY Halloween Costumes

For as long as I can remember, Halloween has always been my favourite time of the year. As a kid, my mother always went all out when it came to decorating our house, planning out spooky festivities, and most importantly, putting together my homemade costumes.

Because of her, I always dressed up in a way that was completely different from all of my friends. At school, teachers and classmates alike would constantly ask where I had purchased such unique costumes. To this, I would always reply with a huge smile on my face, telling them that my mom had made it for me.

Charlie Brown Halloween party celebrations

Source: Lee Mendelson Film Productions | GIPHY

Not only are DIY Halloween costumes a great way to show off your creative side, they’re also a very cost-effective way to celebrate one of the best holidays of the year! If you’re having a hard time figuring out what exactly you, or a family member, should dress up as for Halloween—never fear. I’m here to pass on some unique and affordable costume ideas from my family to yours.

1. A coloured crayon

What you’ll need: a coloured t-shirt (local thrift store), black felt (Michael’s or another craft store), a coloured beanie (Walmart), black pants (a local thrift store or you may already have these), black shoes (you almost definitely already have these!).

a collection of colourful crayola crayons

Using the black felt, cut out the little black stripes seen at the top and bottom of crayon, as well as the “Crayola” logo. Stick those onto your coloured shirt, put on your matching beanie, your black pants, and black shoes & you’re all set!

2. The Paper Bag Princess

What you’ll need: A large paper yard waste bag (Canadian Tire or any home improvement store), a paper party crown (Walmart)

Paper Bag princess illustration

Source: The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch (1980), illustrated by Michael Martchenko

This beloved children’s classic just so happens to serve as an inspiration for one of my favourite Halloween costumes ever! On warmer days, opt for shorts and a t-shirt under the paper bag. On cooler ones, a long-sleeved top and leggings or pants work, too.

3. Scarecrow

What you’ll need: A pair of overalls (a local thrift store), a plaid shirt (a local thrift store), a straw hat (a local thrift store), face paint (Michael’s or another craft store).


The best thing about this costume is that you may even have some of these clothing items laying around at home! Don’t forget to draw on a nose, rosy cheeks, and stitches around your mouth in order to put on your best scarecrow.

4. Ladybug

What you’ll need: A red t-shirt (a local thrift store), black felt (Michael’s or another craft store), black pants (a local thrift store or you may already have these), a black headband (Claire’s or any accessory store), pipe cleaners (Michael’s or another craft store)

animated ladybug

Using the black felt, cut out little circles and attach them to the red shirt just like this cute little bug’s back. Then, using the pipe cleaners and headband, make your own pair of antennae!

5. Arthur the Aardvark

What you’ll need: A white collared shirt and yellow sweater (a local thrift store or you may already have these), a pair of jeans (you definitely already have these!), a pair of glasses (Claire’s or another accessory store, unless you have a prescription), yellow construction paper (Michael’s or another craft store), a headband (Claire’s or another accessory store)

arthur the aardvark illustration

Source: PBS Kids |

Everyone loves Arthur—so, why not be him for Halloween? Put on his signature outfit and then, using the construction paper and headband, make yourself a set of little aardvark ears to complete the look!


Can you think of any DIY Halloween costumes that aren’t featured on this list? Comment below to tell us what you’re dressing up as this year, or share a photo of your DIY Halloween costume on Twitter/Facebook and tag us for an opportunity to be featured on one of the FCO’s social media pages!