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How I Ended Up Taking My 2-Year-Old Daughter to Tutorial

PDH_Young Mom Studying With Infant Color-12 By Patrick House

Taking a 2-year-old to a tutorial sounds crazy, I know. But it really felt like I didn’t have a choice.

This all began because I’ve been planning a family trip to India for the winter break, and travelling to India means getting my daughter an Indian visa. I started my day by taking two buses, a subway, and another bus to get to BLS, the Indian visa application processing centre. Let me tell you, this place is not efficient: what I thought would be a one to two hour stop on my way to class ended up taking four hours! As the minutes passed I felt worse and worse; I kept stressing about missing my lectures. Because I hadn’t planned for those four hours that I lost, I ended up missing a lecture and getting to the university daycare when it was already nap time. We all know what arriving at nap time means: I couldn’t drop off my daughter.

At this point in time, I had to get to my tutorial. If I were to miss it, two points would be taken off my overall grade. Being a perfectionist means that I cannot stand missing a tutorial. Without other better choice, I decided to email my TA and ask her if I could bring my daughter to tutorial. She replied in less than five minutes saying it wasn’t a problem and that she would see both me and my daughter soon. I gave a sigh of relief… Ok, so I would not miss out on anything important and most important of all I would not be getting a grade penalty.

All the way to my Victoria College tutorial location, I prayed that my daughter would fall asleep. After all, it was her nap time. For a few minutes I thought this was the case- because she was quiet, but then I saw her smiling. This made me not as smiley…

When we got there we sat down and I put some Peppa Pig on the computer (with no voice). I waited for my little one to interrupt and to be difficult like we all know a toddler can be. But, to my surprise, she wasn’t, she was absolutely great! She didn’t even want to see the TV show. She listened when the TA spoke and laughed when everyone laughed. This made everyone laugh even harder. Together we had a great experience that reminded me of when I used to endlessly study while pregnant with her in my belly.

I wouldn’t say I think it’s possible to bring a 2-year-old with you to every lecture. But if your back is up again the wall and you have to bring your kid to university, don’t expect the worse, it might even be an enjoyable experience!