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Financial Survival: Best Tips Contest

On January 25th, the Family Care Office and University of Toronto Student Union are hosting a Financial Survival Workshop and Fair! In advance of the date, we’re asking YOU to send us your best budgeting and saving tips. Send us an Email, Tweet, or Facebook message with the hashtag #FCOmoney and share with us your top advice. You’ll be entered into a draw to win two tickets to Hart House’s 5-buck lunch held on Tuesday, January 31st!

This contest is open to all current UofT students. DISCLAIMER:  The Family Care Office does not endorse and does not assume any responsibility for any of the tips submitted.

Event Details

Date and Time: Wednesday, January 25, 2017 from 3-4:30 pm

Location: Hart House’s East Common Room

Guest speaker Anne Arbour, financial educator from the Credit Counselling Society, will cover student-specific topics like debt, practical ways to budget, and how to handle your student loans. She’ll also address how best to manage large lump sums of money (OSAP!) when you’re trying to pay off debts and how to save for after graduation without affecting your eligibility for OSAP.

You’ll also get to learn about filling out UTSU’s Dollars for Daycare grant application, the Food Bank service, free income tax clinics, and more!

Coins stacked atop of budget sheet surrounded by pens