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Improve Your Parenting Style with These Best Parenting Strategies

Struggling with how you should approach parenting? The popular new book Raising Great Parents by Doone Estey, Beverley Cathcart-Ross, and Martin Nash is full of excellent parenting advice to help you become the parent your child needs. At the FCO library we went ahead and browsed through this new book to see what it’s all about. We discovered many exceptional parenting strategies, some of which we have shared below! If you’d like to see what this book is about first-hand, come visit us at the FCO library and take Raising Great Parents home with you today!

5 Best Parenting StrategiesRaising Great Parents Book Image

(From FCO library’s newest book Raising Great Parents by Doone Estey, Beverley Cathcart-Ross, and Martin Nash)

  • Practice leadership that is based on collaboration. Instead of giving orders, give your children a variety of appropriate choices and allow them to experience the consequences of those choices. Children respond positively to opportunities and acquire a sense of responsibility. They not only become more willing to collaborate but also become more willing to open up to their parents, allowing stronger parent-child relationships to form.
  • Take a moment to think about your goals as a parent as opposed to your goals for your children. Concentrate on goals that will make the childhood you imagine for your children a reality. Perhaps your parenting goals include raising your voice less or avoiding the use of threats or bribes.
  • Don’t forget to give your children unconditional love. While it is obvious that all parents love their children very dearly, sometimes parents do not show this love as much as they think they do. Think about the words you say, the tone of voice you use, and the behaviours you show when you are spending time with your child. Are you communicating your love to your child?
  • Counteract the reflex to punish your children. It is well known that punishment can cause children to become defiant or distant from their parents. When your child makes a mistake or fails to listen to you always remember to ask yourself, “is this a life or death situation?” Allow your child to make a decision for themselves and work through its outcomes whether they are good or bad. Always reassure your child that you are there should they need your help. By working through undesirable outcomes resulting from bad decisions your child can learn from their mistakes and as a result become more responsible.
  • Remember to encourage your children and to boost their self-esteem. More importantly, make that sure you are encouraging your child and not discouraging them. Don’t simply tell your child that you ‘believe they can do it,’ as this can cause your child to feel pressure, the opposite of what you intended. Practice making encouraging remarks that allow your children to believe in their own abilities to deal with frightening or new situations.

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Written by FCO Library Communications Coordinator, Alicja Adamczyk.