Balancing School and Family, Parenting

Considering Parenthood While Studying?

We admit it, navigating parenthood as a student in academia has its challenges. Perhaps you’re grappling with whether or not it’s even the right decision to have a baby while in school. There are fantastic resources available to you both on-campus and online to help you make your choice. We’ve even got a Grad Talk on November 8th that speaks to this exact topic

On-Campus Support

Grad Talk Panel on Becoming a Parent

On Tuesday, November 8th the Family Care Office, in partnership with SGS and Gradlife, will be hosting a panel and workshop on becoming a parent while pursuing a graduate degree. You’ll get all the info you need to make an informed decision about whether the choice to start a family at this point in your life is the right one. Panellists will incluImage of child's mug atop of pile of children's faculty members and graduate students who are raising children. They’ll share the programs and resources they accessed when starting their families, as well as details about University and Government leave policies and funding options.

Registration can be found on the Family Care Office website.

On-Campus Childcare Services

U of T has several on-campus childcare locations on both the St. George Campus and at UTM. It’s not uncommon to find that centres in the city have lengthy waitlists, so contact the centre(s) you are interested in when you’re considering starting a family to save a spot for your future little one!

Conflict Resolution Centre for Graduate Students

Image of toddler in Fall jacket and toque on top of parent's shoulders facing away from camera.If there are concerns in your life that you need strategies for addressing and if you’d like guidance in accessing university supports and resources, you can access the Conflict Resolution Centre for Graduate Students free of charge. University of Toronto staff and faculty can refer students to the Centre.

Family Care Office

The Family Care Office supports all of U of T’s students, staff, and faculty (as well as their partner or spouse!) with family care responsibilities. We offer webinars, workshops, resources, individual appointments and more. We can help you with finding childcare information, understanding subsidies, family housing, and even offer you a peer mentor.

Online Resources

I Don’t Know How S/He does it Web Series

The Family Care Office partnered with U of T’s Academic Success Centre to create a video web series where students with family responsibilities share their tips and tricks to being successful both at home and in school. The videos are split up based on content: support, balance and self-care, the ‘truth’ about grad school, family routines and meals, and more!

Blog Post “On Being Productive and Reproductive at the Same Time” As a Female Post-Doc in Ontario

Image of mother and child with posing in middle of cobbled street.Megan Rivers-Moore writes poignantly about her journey through motherhood and trying to conceive as a post-doc applying for tenure-track positions. Rivers-Moore provides an honest take on what it’s like to become pregnant on the tenure-track, how to make use of
maternity leave, and how to pump on campus. We highly recommend giving it a read!

Blog post on “Parenthood and Academia: An Impossible Balance?”

This post compiles stories from three females and three males from varying university positions and disciplines about their experiences navigating campus-life and parenthood. Their responses show the variation in parenting techniques and self-care practices and remind us that there is no one way to be a parent in academia.

Blog Post on Supportive Profs at UofT and Succesful Student Parents

We wrote this post in 2014 hoping to capture what it’s like for students and staff to navigate academia and parenthood at the University of Toronto. Make sure you read it to learn what some of your U of T peers did to juggle school and family life!

Family Care Office LibGuide

Image of desk with books, laptop, pens.The Family Care Office has its own library which is browse-able through U of T’s LibGuide library webpage. We’ve got tons of titles under headings such as ‘Balancing Work and Family,’ and would particularly recommend the book Professor Mommy by Rachel Connelly and Kristen Ghodsee. It “provides practical suggestions gleaned from the experiences of the authors, together with those of other women who have successfully combined parenting with professorships.”

We’re here to help. Come talk to us!