Pregnancy and Baby Care

Midwives & Doulas 101

If you’re expecting a baby in the upcoming months and are starting to think about your options in terms of support during the process, this blog is for you!  The FCO has a webinar on midwives and doulas that will help you to better understand the role that these health professionals can play in assisting with your birth. The webinar was hosted by Carla Murphy, a certified birth and postpartum doula and childbirth educator, and covers the following topics:

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  • How doctors and midwives work together;
  • How and where to find a midwife or a doula;
  • Things to consider when choosing a midwife or doula;
  • Some questions to ask when interviewing a midwife or doulas.

Check out the webinar to learn more about this form of support to assist you in your pregnancy.

You can also check out “The Doula Checklist: Finding the Right Support for Your Pregnancy” from Chatelaine magazine or “How to Find a Midwife in Canada” from