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The time to submit your tax returns may seem far in the distant future (end of April, 2016!) but it’s never to early to get a head-start on filing your taxes. The process can be time consuming and overwhelming, especially for first time tax-filers. Keep in mind, there are many reasons why student parents should file their taxes even if they have not made any money, including (but not limited to!):

  • claim childcare expenses
  • apply for tax credits and the child tax benefit
  • you’ll need your ‘notice of assessment statement’ to apply for childcare subsidy

If you’re looking for support in the process, there are a number of resources available to U of T students, but only for a limited time, so make sure you file before April 30 (plus the CRA typically processes your return quicker if you file early) :

 Taxes, Photo credit: Lendingmemo

Taxes, Photo credit: Lendingmemo

  • International Students (graduate and undergraduate) can check out the Centre for International Experience They plan to offer information sessions to help get you started-  keep checking the CIE website for updated information on session dates as they become available.
  • Undergraduate students can book individual appointments with the UTSU tax clinic between March and April, 2016. Make sure you bring all of the proper documentation to ensure that the staff can help you file your taxes accurately. Check the website in a few weeks to register for an appointment – book early because the slots fill up quickly!
  • Part-Time Students are covered by the Association for Part-Time Undergraduate Students (APUS). Each year, APUS hosts tax clinic workshops to assist their members with filing their taxes – check back on their website in March/April for further details.
  • WoodGreen Community Services offers tax clinics and individual appointments for students and low-income individuals and families. Check out their website for information about how to book and appointment, and upcoming sessions.
  • All students can access UFile – one of Canada’s leading online tax filing services-  for FREE (thanks to the Canadian Federation of Students). This program provides an easy-to –use interface that will help you through the sometimes complex world of tax-filing. Visit for more information about how you can access this offer!


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