Visiting the Farm

Every fall, students and families of UTM are invited to visit Andrew’s Scenic Acres Pumpkin Patch. This trip is an exciting way to break with day-to-day routine and create a space to enjoy nature with friends and families.

The farm has over 600 hundred acres where a huge variety of food is grown: sweet corn, strawberries, pumpkins, and red raspberries, among others.

On our recent visit, we took a wagon ride along the fields, stopping to pick some pumpkins. The kids especially enjoyed a walk through the Haunted Forest, interacted with many farm animals, and finished the day playing in the playground, while adults visited the farmer’s market and winery.


The event, organized by UTM Student Housing and Residence Life office, is one of the activities that are organized at UTM in order to promote community life. At UTM diversity thrives, bringing together multiple nationalities, languages and worldviews. This event brings people together, tightening the bonds between neighbours, students and friends.