FCO Updates

Family Care Office Library Launches Libguide!

This semester marks the start of many things for U of T’s Family Care Office: a brand new year, a fresh coat of paint, and the launch of the FCO Library LibGuide.

If you just asked yourself what on earth a LibGuide is, you aren’t alone. First and foremost, the LibGuide serves as an online, up-to-date list of the books and other materials in the collection. But it’s more than just a fancy name for a card catalogue – the LibGuide also features links to additional helpful resources and websites, as well as interactive features like user polls.

FCO Mindful Parenting Library Books

Even the book list itself is more exciting than your typical bibliography – complete with a synopsis of each book and colourful cover photos, the LibGuide allows the U of T community to browse the library resources from anywhere.

Check out the LibGuide here, and don’t forget to drop by the Family Care Office to admire our new walls!