Book Review: I AM. Magical Me!

I AM. Magical ME! is a fun introduction to the topic of mindfulness and self-awareness for children. Author Sarah Kraftchuk advocates for adults and children alike to recognize and accept all of their emotions, including those that make us uncomfortable.

The spirit of mindfulness encourages us to fully experience all of our feelings in the moment, rather than trying to suppress emotions that we may perceive as negative. Kraftchuk suggests that acknowledging our feelings – good or bad – is an important part of accepting wholly the person that we are.


Photo Credit: Emotions; CC Image courtesy of tuckett on Flickr.

This message is communicated throughout the book, as different pages ask the reader to stop and think about not only what makes him/her laugh and feel happy, but also what sparks anger or sadness. Kraftchuk ends the story by suggesting to readers that our thoughts and emotions are special gifts that make us who we are, and that should be shared with those around us.

The Family Care Office library is open again (and with a fresh new coat of paint!), so drop by to have a look at this book or other resources on mindfulness.

Christina Ransom

Christina is in her first year of graduate studies in Library and Information Sciences. She graduated from York with a BA in psychology, but she can’t read your mind or analyze your dreams. Christina is a huge advocate of public transit and enjoys exploring the City of Toronto via TTC (she enjoys the 8 am commute to St. George campus from North York considerably less, however).

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