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Book Review: No Ordinary Apple

Review by Zeke Rothschild-Checroune:

Title: No Ordinary Apple: A Story About Eating Mindfully

Author: Sara Marlowe

Illustrations: Philip Pascuzzo

Published: June 2013

Hardcover, 36 pages.

Reading time: Approximately 10min.

After school, Elliot goes to his neighbour Carmen’s house until his parents get home from work. While there, he asks for a snack. Carmen offers Elliot an apple, but he’s quick to complain and ask for candy instead.

Does this sound like your kid? Here have a healthy snack. No I only want junk!

Well, Carmen is clever enough to point out that the apple she is offering is no ordinary apple and Elliot becomes completely engaged in trying to find out what makes this apple so special.

Through closer investigation (e.g., observing shapes, colours, patterns, smells, sounds, tastes, etc.), Elliot discovers that this is the best tasting apple ever! But really, it wasn’t the apple that was so special; it was his extraordinary attention to the food that made it taste so delicious.

This book helps teach kids to slow down and eat mindfully. Appreciate the foods in front of you by observing their finer details, and as a result, you can taste food like you never did before.

And this little trick isn’t exclusively for apples, you can do it with all your favourite foods, “yes, even macaroni and cheese.”

This 36 page hardcover book is beautifully illustrated with bright colours. The text is well laid out to synergize with the images, which makes the book fun to follow along. Kids 7-9 will even enjoy reading this book on their own. But the best part, it encourages kids to explore food the way Elliot did and come to learn what makes their food so special.

Interested in reading this book with your child(ren)? Well you can either purchase it on by clicking here, or drop by the Family Care Office and borrow it out of our library.

Enjoy! And remember…eat mindfully.