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The Final Countdown

The countdown has begun for the 2013 summer term, when (among other things) the FCO’s new blogger will start their duties. In the mean time, though, things at Intersections will be winding down for a few weeks. Most of the work-study students who helped write for the blog this year — Elena, Farah, Mari, Nicole — are moving on to other things now and I’ll be off soon, too. (Pass a tissue, I’m getting all teary!)

Before I go, though, I wanted to share some of my favourite posts and series from the year, in the style of Matteo’s wrap-up post over at the Life @ U of T blog:

  • Nicole’s “Cold Weather Crafts” series: Monster mittens, homemade snowglobes, simple birdhouses…admittedly, it might be a bit warm for wearing “monster mittens” right now, but Nicole has shared such fun, simple, and adorable crafts, I’m convinced you can make them at any time of the year.
  • Mari’s “Me Time” post: This great post is all about why you need to make time for yourself — and it offers solid advice on how to actually do it. And as one of the facilitators for the FCO’s first Mindful Parenting Practice Group, Mari knows what she’s talking about when she discusses the benefits of meditation as a form of “me time”.
  • Elena’s “Financial Survival” series: Elena put together this fantastic and informative series during the winter term, when the FCO was holding its annual Financial Survival seminar. In it, she gets UofT students and staff to share their best tips and tricks for financial survival.
  • Farah’s “Simple Brownie Bites” recipe post: This recipe, adapted from The Urban Vegan, is healthy, animal-product-free, and has chocolate. What more could you want? Not to mention that the recipe is only improved by Farah’s cheeky and helpful commentary in italics.

As for my posts, I liked writing all of them (of course!) but I really enjoyed putting together the Indoor Games one a few weeks ago — I’m just a big kid at heart, who would have guessed.

Thanks for reading this past year!

(PS: now that the term’s done, I’ll be putting more time into my personal sewing blog, Threaded Dances. It’s not parenting-related, but I’m doing a puzzle series right now — didn’t I tell you I’m such a kid? — so please head over and check it out if you’d like!)