Book Review: Pregnancy Fitness

Pregnancy Fitness: Mind Body Spirit, by the Editors of Fitness magazine and Ginny Graves, is an accessible book written for pregnant women.

While it is aimed at women who exercise regularly as well as those who are just starting to become active, this book’s simple exercises may be more useful for the second group (exercise beginners). At the same time, the  the nutritional advice and the explanations about muscles (especially those related to pregnancy and childbirth) would benefit most expectant moms, regardless of fitness level.

This book outlines research that shows the health benefits of staying active even while pregnant. It also covers the three components of fitness (aerobic capacity, strength, and flexibility) for each trimester — as well as postpartum, for recovering one’s body. Pregnancy Fitness is a straightforward, easy-to-read book with useful exercises for pregnant and post-natal women. Borrow a copy from the Family Care Office and talk to your doctor about exercising during your pregnancy!

Please note that the FCO also has DVDs for loan (2 prenatal workout and 1 prenatal yoga), but please consult your physician before any physical exercise during your pregnancy.