Cold Weather Crafts Part I: Dragon Gloves!

As the weather cools here in Toronto, you may be searching for ways to keep your children entertained. This blog series will help you find fun and new ways to get creative with your children this winter.

It’s notoriously difficult to get kids into their cold weather gear. Try out this fun craft idea to inspire your children to bundle up — these fire-breathing dragons will keep little hands warm this winter!


From Martha Stewart: Monster Mittens

Things you’ll need:

  1. A pair of warm children’s mittens (fleece would probably work best for this project)
  2. Felt scraps in bright colors
  3. A pattern for the felt, like this one from Martha Stewart
  4. Scissors
  5. Needle and Thread
  6. Buttons
  7. Embroidery Floss

For these Dragon Mittens, cut out two dragon spines from the pattern above using different colored felt pieces, and one dragon tongue in any color.

Arrange the spines on the backside of the glove, one on top of the other.  Let the top piece be pulled back slightly towards the wrist. Sew these to the glove with 1 seam down the middle of both spines. Next, sew the tongue to the glove, placing it just underneath the fingertips.

Sew on buttons as eyes, and use embroidery floss to sew small nostrils on to the glove.

Your finished project will look something like this:

Now put on those warm mittens and get outside!