Blog Alert: Captain Dad

There are a lot of fantastic parenting blogs out there. Helpful, honest, and generous are qualities I can definitely get behind. And I’ve just found a blog that has all three, as well as being  really, really funny. It’s called Captain Dad, which I think you’ll agree is a great title.

(The full title is, “It’s not Mr. Mom, it’s CAPTAIN DAD: The manly blog of stay-at-home parenting,” which is even better.)

Since the writer, Pat Byrnes, is also a cartoonist, he’s got great illustrations running through the site, too, ranging from hilarious and slightly alarming:

To hilarious and very adorable:

Yes, those are illustrations from two recent posts, one called “You Knew the Job was Dangerous When You Took it,” on the hazards of parenting (complete with tales of frozen shoulders), and one about making “chocolate noodle soup” with his daughters. Do check it out if you have time!

Are there any parenting or care-giving blogs that you’d recommend?