Tips for Halloween

A few things that are probably on your to-do list for Halloween: take care of costumes, go over safety rules, buy candy, make trick-or-treating plans…and that’s not even counting the things you’ll have to do on Halloween itself. I can’t deny that Wednesday is going to be a long, long day. What I can do is offer some tips so your Halloween runs (almost) smoothly this year.

Dinner before heading out

Whether it’s something rich in protein or just a light sandwich, a quick meal before trick or treating means kids are less likely to eat all their candy on the go. A full stomach also means they’ll have more energy for the night, and will be more aware of their surroundings. Mr. Food has a list of kid-friendly recipes that you can check out if you’re short on ideas.

(Remember, a fun, fast dinner means they’re more likely to eat it!)

Last-minute costume check

Double check that the costumes are brightly coloured, have reflective tape, or use glow sticks. Also check that they include comfortable shoes, have short hems so the kids don’t trip, and are loose enough that the kids can comfortably wear a sweater under them. And try to choose non-toxic face paint over masks for younger kids.

You might have checked these things when you bought the costume, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure again on the day of!

Visit a smaller number of houses

Especially with younger kids, visiting only a few blocks of houses will be just as exciting as visiting a whole neighborhood. This way it won’t be too late or dark when you head back, and you can all stay pretty energized. Besides, the problem of too much candy (!) isn’t as daunting when you cut down on the number of visits. For most kids, trick or treating for a shorter time won’t mean, in the end, that they have less fun. (Even if they make a fuss at first!)


For more tips, check out Anoja’s post on Halloween safety from this time last year, and if you want age-specific tips, here’s a great link for parents of toddlers.