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March Break Bonanza

March Break is a week that’s not always a break for families as the mid-winter break is usually packed with activities and camps to keep your child (ren) busy. During the action packed week, parents might forget to truly enjoy the time they have with their children. Try to get involved and join your children in the activities and workshops they would like to take part in. I know that there are activities that do not require or allow parents to accompany their child, such as camps, but try finding some activities during the break that involve the whole family, because those are the memories parents and children will treasure most.
Suggestions for family events: Skating, ROM, AGO, Science Center. For a more concise list connect to the link:

The Family Care Office at the University of Toronto has a week full of family events for both parents and children with some exceptions of one parent limitation. Below is a list of the activities hosted by the office. To sign up for any of the events, please call 416.978.0951 or email:
– March 13th: Family Yoga (aged 4 and up and a parent)
– March 14th: Planetarium Show (aged 9 to 14 and a parent)
– March 15th: Global Art Project (aged 4 to 12 and a parent)
– March 16th: At Home Alone (aged 9 to 14 and a parent)