Health and Wellness

Don’t forget your health this term!

Written by Anoja Muthucumaru

The stress, lack of sun, and lack of joint movements during the nonstop and looming deadline season can have physical implications on your body. It is called “DEADlines” for a reason. Taking care of yourself when you are in school is the last thing you think about.  Sometimes the only thing that matters is marks. Sitting in a cold library for six hours staring into a laptop or a pile of notes is no way to live life or succeed. When you have any kind of physical illness or you’re feeling fatigued, it is important to stimulate more then your brain.

Going to the gym will help improve the movement of your joints, improve flexibility and increase you energy so you are more alert when you are studying. Like any worthwhile goal, physical fitness does not happen over night. If you stick to it you will start recognizing changes in your study habits and in your physical fitness. You will begin to see the health benefits for you as well as social benefits, if you get my drift.  You will also see the benefits for your children, because watching you succeed will help build a child’s confidence and pride in you.

So get started. Take a free drop-in fitness class offered through Hart House and the Athletic Centre. Take care of both your body and mind because your wellbeing is important to the wellbeing of your family.

So what are you doing sitting around?

Get out there and run that 5K.