Health and Wellness, Student Life

Are You Listing in Your Sleep?

Written by Anoja Muthucumaru

Do you ever stay up at night waiting to fall asleep, but all you do is  make lists? A list of things you have to do, will do, and plan to do. All of this listing can make sleeping difficult. The best advice to  reduce your involuntary midnight listing is to put your list on paper right before you hit the hay. Lists are helpful, especially with balancing family and school, but you definitely want to avoid sleepless nights!

To break your listing habit the most important thing to do is to make a schedule you can follow. The UTSU offers free calendars to students, so drop by and pick one up. Planning ahead can really make the difference between being brain drained and energetic. Your calendar is  not a resolution. Students and parents overbook and over estimate their ability to balance. We can’t be superhuman every day, so make realistic plans and to stick to them.