Halloween Safety Tips

Written By Anoja Muthucumaru

Halloween is a fun and scary time with enough free candy and scares to go around. Trick or treating can be one of the essential memories of childhood. But Halloween can also be stressful for parents with young children. Having your young child walk up to a stranger’s door certainly requires some extra safety precautions!

As a 21 year veteran of trick or treating I think I know the tricks and treats of Halloween. So here are some basic safety tips for trick or treating:

Make a plan. Decide who you and your child will be trick or treating with. It is better to trick or treat in a group then alone for safety reasons and it is more fun in a group.

Map out the route you and your child will be traveling. Review the route you will be taking and take into account crosswalks and other safe ways to cross roads in your neighborhood.

Don’t go inside houses. It is better to wait outside a house. Make sure you are close by and are watching your child.

Don’t cover your child’s face. When safety is a concern it is better not to wear a costume with a mask.

Check all treats before allowing your child to eat them. Do not eat any of the treats on your route. Take them back home and look them over before eating.

Unlike me who has aged into a real life Halloween costume, young children need to experience the mystery that is Halloween! They need a story to tell their friends in the morning and a memory to share. So don’t feel too intimidated or stressed. Halloween should be fun – so help your kids enjoy themselves safely and make those memories!