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The Importance of Massage

Written By Jae Hwan Hwang

A massage, the practice for relaxing muscle tension, is not for rich people or professional sports players only. The massage can solve many health problems that many people have, including: general stress, tiredness, inability to sleep, and stomachaches, to name just a few.

Children need massage therapy as much as adults do. However, even if parents want to perform the massage therapy on their children, most parents do not have massage therapy knowledge and/or are too busy to perform the most basic and needed care service to their own children.

The Family Care Office at the University of Toronto is offering a workshop on baby massage for infants older than 6 months. The lessons will prompt parents to have confidence on their massage ability and perform the simple yet most needed service to their children. With little effort and within short amount of time the parents can perform the massage to their children every day.

Due to overwhelming demand, we have created a second session of Infant Massage to take place this Friday, October 28th from 1:30 – 2:30pm. To register, call 416.978.0951 or email: