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Queer and Trans Family Planning Options

Written By: Anoja Muthucumaru

Deciding to be a parent is an important and difficult choice. Partners who are in the process of conceiving have many things to consider, from financial planning, figuring out birthing plans and creating a positive space for their child. This is true for all parents, but for queer and transgendered individuals and partners it is more complicated. There are a variety of options to consider ranging from concerns and deliberation over fertility, home and clinic insemination, sperm banks, adoption, co-parenting, single parenting, non-biological and social (non-biological) parenting, surrogacy, family configurations and family recognition, and all this is before the child comes into their world.

The information is hard to sort through even after figuring out which root to take in conceiving. But one of the best ways to answer questions that might arise and learn more about the legal process is to have a one on one conversation with individuals who have done it before and individuals or organizations that are knowledgeable in queer and transgendered family planning. It might mean attending a workshop or calling a queer and transgendered community organization. A campus resource that can provide information and support is the Family Care office, which is conveniently hosting a queer and transgendered family planning workshop October 25. Some resources off campus are LGBTQ Parenting Network at Sherbourne Health Centre, and Queer Parenting Programs at The 519 Community Centre. The process of becoming a parent is difficult for queer and transgender individuals, but with a little hard work the rewards are sure to be great.

Click here to register for the Queer & Trans Family Planning 101 workshop.