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Tweens and Teens

Written By: Anoja Muthucumaru

The tween and teen years can come on fast and be surprising to parents. It can be the most difficult time and the most rewarding time in a family’s life. It’s a time when independence is tested and nostalgia for a simpler time will loom in a parent’s heart. But this is not the time to buckle under the pressure. Your teen needs you to be the force of judgment and wisdom when their brain is telling them they are invincible. Tweens and teens are not adults yet. They may talk and act like adults, but they still have a lot of learning to do. It’s a parent’s job to set boundaries and set an example. Teens are not blind and they will notice when parents do something contrary to their own advice.

The art of putting up boundaries, enforcing punishments, and negotiating are all tricky to balance and figure out according to Jennifer Kolari. Kolari is the author of Connected Parenting: Transform Your Challenging Child and Build Loving Bonds for Life, a book that explores parenting techniques. Understanding when to use the different implementations of these techniques is important in developing a stronger bond with your child. Kolari insists that parents play an important role in grounding their teens at a time when their world and their bodies are changing.

The Family Care Office is hosting a workshop on tweens and teens with Jennifer Kolari as the Facilitator on October 12. For more information and on how to sign up please check out our website.