Talking with your Kids

For some parents, their kids are at the age where every thought, no matter how minute, babbles from their mouths like a never ending stream. At times, all you can think is “I would move heaven and earth for a caramel macchiato and ten seconds of peace and quiet to drink it in.” There is no problem discerning what your child is thinking or maintaing lines of communication, you know what they ate for lunch, who their best friend is at the moment, and why they think dogs don’t like cats.

But sometimes, as they get older, conversations become more like having teeth pulled (or so I’ve heard). Normally chatty children clam up as they get older, finding privacy a wonderful tool to utilize. If that’s the case for your child, here’s a great article with some tips on how to talk with your children and maintain the relationship you want. For example:

  • Pretend you have amnesia about your own childhood disappointments, successes, and aspirations. Listen to your child with a clean slate, expecting a completely different picture from your own.
  • Be ready, when your child is ready. This means forgoing a phone call or postponing a grocery run for a few minutes, in order to connect with your child.

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