Keeping Busy: Tips for Holiday Fun

Most school aged children have at least two weeks off over the holidays. Many children will declare they are bored after just a few hours, so keeping them busy and active is essential. If you’re looking to keep the kids occupied and entertained over the holiday break, consider the following tips:

  • If you have a basic point and shoot camera, it likely also has a video feature. Spend an afternoon filming a movie. Ask your child what kind of movie they would like to be in and plan and record fun scenes. This is a great way to exercise your child’s imagination.
  • Invite your children to aide in cooking. Have them stir or mix ingredients in a bowl, or select items from the fridge
  • Many film distributors wait for the holidays to release their big budget children features. Most theatres offer discounts on certain days or for matinees. For example, Rainbow Cinemas has a $4.00 Tuesday offer, and AMC offers films for $6.00 on Saturdays and Sundays before noon.
  • Have an arts and crafts afternoon. Select a project and build it, draw it, or paint it!
  • Additionally, the FCO has organized a list of holiday camps for kids in the GTA, check it out here.