Tough Guys

At the Family Care Office we have a parenting series just for Dads. Lots of great questions and discussions come up, so many that we’ve had to schedule a session titled, “Dads Talking”, which is also the name of a popular website which encourages just that – Dads talking.

One issue is how men and fathers are viewed: both how we think others see us and how we want to be seen by our children, our spouses and others. A popular image is the “tough Dad” – the one who has a shotgun on his mantle to protect his teenage daughters or the one who Mom threatens “Just you wait until Dad comes home”, when it comes to discipline. But is this a good image?

A recent post on Dads Talking talks about just this – does being over protective and tough really work? Or is openness, patience and flexibility a better route? The article is a must read for Dads of pre-teen/teenage children and, if you want to talk about the issue more, join our “Dads Talking” session by registering on the website!