The Creative Family

There’s something powerful about children’s imagination. One moment they can be playing quietly with a toy, the next they have transformed that toy into a magic wand and are turning tea cups into wishing wells and siblings into green frogs. There’s no limit to what they can imagine.

Yet, somewhere between childhood and adulthood most of lose that sense of wonder, adventure and imagination. As parents, what can we do to protect and foster this gift? The Creative Family has loads of good ideas to do just that. A section on playing encourages parents to have a box of face paints and costumes for impromptu drama performances. A section on art projects gives t-shirt stencil designs and shows pillows made by children. Other great ideas are teaching your children how to use a camera, allowing children to explore musical sounds and rhythms, and encouraging exploration in nature.

Beyond the great practical ideas and tips, this book is about supporting and fostering the creative/imaginative side in your child. A great idea is framing some of your children’s art in prominent place – how better to say that you value their creativeness! There are also sections on making gifts, gathering supplies and connecting creativity to social consciousness and environmental awareness.

Looking for some fun, creative projects to do with your children this holiday season? Come check out The Creative Family in the Family Care Office resource library!