Positive Discipline

I remember as a child not wanting to eat my vegetables but my Mother telling me that they were good for me. Now that I am a father, I see discipline in a similar light: I don’t really like giving it to my children but I know that, if done correctly, it will be something that is good for them. This is where a book like Positive Discipline comes in: to help us, as parents, make good choices when it comes to discipline.

Positive Discipline champions a parenting approach that is authoritative while mixing together generous doses of kindness and firmness. It allows children freedom within order, allowing for choices that fall within the boundaries of self-respect and respect for others.

This book challenges parents to seek solutions that are effective over the long-term, how to defuse power struggles, to teach their children how to think rather than what to think – all while reinforcing the message of love that is so vital to a parent-child relationship.

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